Planning a large event, trade show, concert or festival?

My maintenance Crew can handle the event cleanup and maintenance both during and after the event. We will keep the toilets clean and the bins from over flowing as well as collecting rubbish giving you peace of mind. Our service goes further than cleaning, we will work collaboratively as a team to ensure that the public is kept safe and that there is clear passage for patrons in a clean environment. We also separate out rubbish ensuring that correct recycling and waste management is adhered to.

Past events include Pako Festival and Queenscliffe Music Festival.

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  • Built.
  • Clonard College
  • Fine Point
  • Fulton Hogan
  • GenU
  • Hanlon
  • Matherson Construction Group
  • Norris
  • Pako Festa
  • Queenscliff Music Festival
  • RapidClean
  • SES
  • Shell Club
  • Sinclair Brook
  • Social Traders Certified
  • WorkSafe
  • XTreme Technology