• How is My Maintenance Crew a Not-for-Profit?

    My Maintenance Crew is a social enterprise of Diversitat, a not-for-profit community services organisation with a proud history in providing migrant services. Our mission is to provide an innovative and high quality response to the changing needs of a culturally diverse community. Diversitat has been an advocate for youth with it Diversitat Youth programs and Youth You Turn programs along with other school-based programs. Diversitat has a passion for providing our young people with a chance to thrive in the Geelong community.

  • What is a Social Enterprise?

    As a social enterprise, My Maintenance Crew sells goods and services in the open marketplace and reinvests the money they make back into running their business and the local community. This allows My Maintenance Crew to tackle social problems, improve people’s lives, support communities and help the environment.

  • What is the unemployment rate of young people in Geelong?

    The ABS youth unemployment rate (15-24 years) in the Greater Geelong region over 12 months (to March 2018) is on average 10.7%, Victoria’s average is 13.0% and the Australia wide average is 12.6%.

    Source: Enterprise Geelong and Australian Bureau of Statistics (Catalogue No 6291.0.55.001).
    Note – Unemployment rate data for Geelong, Victoria and Australia is based on ABS original data (sourced from survey respondents rather than trend or seasonally adjusted data).
    The unemployment rate data is also adjusted to a three month rolling average to smooth out some of the volatility in the monthly data.
    *The Geelong SA4 geographical level includes the City of Greater Geelong, Borough of Queenscliffe, Surf Coast Shire and the majority of Golden Plains Shire.

  • What if I need something done that is not on your list of services?

    Give us a call – we will be able to tell you if we have capacity to complete a task that is not listed on our website.

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